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It is a little less then two months

Until I hit the road.  Bankruptcy, check.  Foreclosure, check.  Sweet van, ditto.

The original plan had been to buy a pop up yurt from Laurel Nest Yurts.  And at some point I still want a yurt to call home sweet home.  But the realization has hit that for long term travel, the yurtle would kill my hands too much to put up and just isn’t fibro friendly.  However, I still want a comfy and cool abode on the road that would allow for a wood stove.  

A tipi was my next thought, but how to transport lodge pine poles.  Not too mention erection issues on bad flare days.  So…

The world is full of really inventive people who have designed some really awesome canvas structures.  And thankfully, glamping is big in the UK.  I have, by the by, come to the conclusion that the UK, and Europe in general, have got all the really cool shite and we Americans are lame asses.  Anyhow, while looking at tent porn, I found perfection for my situation - a double bell tent with (dear God save me from squealing girlishness) a pipsqueak cast iron wood stove.  6.5 meters by 4 meters, two doors, roll up walls, adorable windows, and a porch cover.  Can be put up by two people is about twenty minuets and has ample space for the two dogs, five cats and above mentioned people.  Between that and the van, all is groovy.  It will, between exchange rate and shipping costs from the UK, be about as expensive as a yurtle, but be easier to put up, take up less space, and make getting an actual cargo trailer doable.

This last part is important as I was a little freaked out about leaving all my art and quilting kit.  On top of that, the man shaped friend would have had to leave most of his carpentry tools.  Those tools may mean the difference between gas for the next leg of the journey or eating decent not corporate food.

As to food, I also stumbled upon a manual single gear juicer.  Nice, as it doesn’t need power and takes up less space then my kinda-pathetic-but-I-am-thankful-for centrifugal juicer.  I can’t imagine not having a juicer.  

Now to figure out power supply.  And a fridge.

Tomorrow we start gutting the van (Esmeralda, aka, Esmy) in prep for pimping out the insides with custom everything.  Going with not complaining about global warming as being January in New England, I was freaking out about the late start.  But if things stay mild, all the important stuff will be done for move-em on out day, March 1.  

These guys - - may be more expensive, but research leads me to believe this is a ya get what ya pay for situation.  And my feminine intuition (which is, of course, never wrong) tells me this is the company to supply the structure I will live in for the next two or so years.  Plus they got the way too cute stove package to make life complete.

Hear is to life as a dirty but happy road bum.

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